"Improving Your Reliability
One Part at a Time"


Many of the parts we build start from a customer’s idea, a hand sketch or a worn-out part that is no longer available. These ideas are created into solid models, along with drawings. From there our machinists take the models and create the customer’s parts. By creating models and drawings, we have documentation to build again with ease, even years later.


Ideal Machine takes great pride in employing the best machinists to build a team that can produce parts as efficiently as possible. These skilled machinists, combined with modern equipment and software, translated into our motto of “Improving your reliability one part at a time”. We are a job shop and excel at building anything from one part to short production runs. We utilize multi-task machines that aid in our efficiency.

Part Repair

We know how crucial it is to keep production lines and components running. We work hard to do all we can to fix parts correctly and quickly so customers can keep things running. We have years of experience repairing. Whether it is heat shrinking, sleeving, stubbing together, repairing bearing journals, or as simple as a broken bolt removal, we have the expertise to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Welding has been a key component from the day Ideal Machine started. Still to this day, our customer needs frequently require some type of secondary welding operation. Our certified welders have the ability and experience to weld all types of metals and have rotary tables and fixtures to aid in high quality welds.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Rebuild

By way of customer demand, we started rebuilding cylinders in an effort to keep their production lines running. It made sense because we are able to build any or all of the components used to assemble a cylinder. We have a hydraulic specialist on hand that has a machine shop at his disposal to build whatever is needed. Upon completion, all cylinders are pressure tested, identified and painted.

About Us

Ideal Machine was founded back in 1974 by Orlynn Sheen, with business starting out of the “Chicken Coops”. Orlynn took great pride in providing a service to his customers. Eventually, Orlon Black, long time employee, bought the business from Orlynn and was able to transform the business into much of what it is today. We still take great pride in helping find solutions for our customers, but use state of the art equipment to do so. Ideal Machine has evolved from the “Chicken Coop” days into a modern 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility.